Can you really grow vegetables from kitchen scraps?  Well, yes and no.  It depends on what kind of vegetable it is.  I learned this after I did an experiment by planting my own kitchen scraps. Some leafy vegetables like romaine lettuce will regrow but the leaves get smaller and bitter because the plant starts to flower.  Others like bok choy will give you more good-size leaves that you can use for stir fry or soup.

I tried regrowing root vegetables like carrots but I didn’t have any luck. Yes, more leaves came out after I planted the carrot tops, but it didn’t grow more good-size carrots.  Then I also tried planting the tops of daikon radish, but it didn’t really take off.  After more leaves grew it just died. (Although my dog probably peed on it, who knows?)

The most success I had is with celery.  I was making soup a few weeks ago and I had used celery as one of the ingredients.  After cutting off the celery bottoms, I decided to try regrowing it.

Here’s What I Did to Grow Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

First, I put the celery bottom in a small glass and submerged it halfway in water.  Next, I left the glass on the counter near the kitchen window where there is ample light. After that, I changed the water every day to prevent it from being murky.

After a few days, white roots started to show in the bottom.  Then when it grew more roots, I went out to the garden and transplanted it on the ground. In a couple of weeks, more leaves grew on the top.  Then the leaves became stalks.  In a few more weeks, these stalks will hopefully get thicker and crunchy.  I’m excited to use them in my recipes to come.

Now with this success, I’m thinking of trying my experiment on potatoes.  I would love to regrow Yukon gold and purple potatoes.  Stay tuned…..[amazon_link asins=’B00169TLE0′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’justsavorit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a47ab0e4-352b-11e8-8dcd-19904827e370′]